InSiGa Samples 200Gbps VCSEL Driver and TIA Chipset
InSiGa announced that it has started sampling Quad Channel 200Gbps VCSEL Driver IC (ISG-D2841B) and Quad channel 200Gbps TIA for 200Gbps SR4/AOC and 400Gbps SR8 applications.
With the rapid development of technology, the demand for bandwidth in data centers is increasing day by day. The internal connection rate within datacenters is increasing and there is demand for low power, cheaper modules at high baud rates. There is strong demand for multimode modules in China datacenters for < 100m distance. These include AOC as well as SR4 modules.
ISG-D2841B is a quad channel VCSEL Driver IC, designed to be used in Short Reach 200Gbps SR4 and AOC multimode as well as 400Gbps SR8 applications. The IC is designed to be directly coupled to the VCSEL eliminating the need for bias-t’s. The driver offers input equalization to compensate for PCB trace loss on the module. It can provide sufficient bias and modulation current to meet the ER and average optical power requirements for most commercially available VCSEL’s in the market. The driver offers functionality to monitor the Monitor Photo Diode (MPD) current eliminating the need for external components to accomplish this. The driver also offers Los of Signal (LOS) functionality to help in the digital monitoring of the module. The driver is available as a die with 250um channel pitch and offers I2C digital control to control all the features of the driver.

SSPRQ 26.56Gbaud eye
Outer ER=4dB | TDECQ=1.85dB | Temperature=75C

ISG-T2741 is a quad channel TIA, designed to be used in Short Reach 200Gbs SR4 and AOC multimode as well as 400Gbs SR8 applications. This TIA can also be used in 200Gbps FR4 applications. The TIA is designed for wire bonding to 250um pitch PD’s. The TIA offers low input referred noise and good output return loss for interfacing to the DSP. The TIA can handle a wide range of input optical power and offers AGC functionality to keep the TIA output constant with varying input power. The TIA has very low power dissipation and can work well with a wide range of commercial PD’s available in the market. The TIA die samples are available now.

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