InSiGa will showcase the 200G Product Series at 2022 CIOE

From 7 to 9 September 2022, InSiGa invites you to join the 2022 CIOE Shenzhen, please visit us at Hall 5, Booth 5A61 for more information!
With the rapid development of technology, the demand for bandwidth in datacenters is increasing day by day. The internal connection rate within datacenters is increasing and 200G optical modules have been widely used by many datacenters in China. InSiGa has launched 200G DML, EML, VCSEL drivers, single-channel and quad-channel TIA product series to provide more efficient and stable solutions for datacenter optical module customers.

For 200G FR4/LR4 applications, InSiGa has introduced 3 IC products including one single-channel (ISG-D2815N) and two quad-channel (ISG-D2845, ISG-D2843) drivers with the flexibility to meet the design needs of optical module manufacturers. The ISG-D2845 quad-channel DML driver is used in 750um optical channel pitch designs, while the ISG-D2815N single-channel DML driver offers module manufacturers more flexibility to use larger optical channel pitches as required. The ISG-D2843 EML driver is available in a small size surface-mount package with a controllable output amplitude from 1.0Vpp to 1.8Vpp. The 200G DML and EML drivers offer customers a more efficient and economical option with their industry-low power consumption, small size and excellent RF performance, supporting 28Gbaud PAM4 signals per channel.

For use with the above DML & EML driver products, InSiGa offers the ISG-T5743 quad-channel linear TIA with a single channel rate of up to 53 Gbaud/s. It offers bias pad for Photodiode’s Cathode node. There is also receive signal strength indicator pad available for each channel. The TIA channels have a pitch of 750um, output swing up to 450mVpp under linear conditions and very low input referred noise. It offers automatic gain control as well as manual gain control.

Regarding the high demands for multimode modules in China datacenters for < 100m distance, ISG-D2841B & ISG-T2741 200G VCSEL Chipset is recommended. ISG-D2841B is a quad-channel VCSEL Driver IC, designed to be used in Short Reach 200Gbps SR4 and AOC multimode as well as 400Gbps SR8 applications. The IC is designed to be directly coupled to the VCSEL eliminating the need for bias-t’s. The driver offers functionality to monitor the Monitor Photo Diode (MPD) current eliminating the need for external components to accomplish this. The driver also offers Los of Signal (LOS) functionality to help in the digital monitoring of the module. It is available as a die with 250um channel pitch and offers I2C digital control to control all the features of the driver. ISG-T2741 is a quad channel TIA, designed to be used in Short Reach 200Gbs SR4 and AOC multimode as well as 400Gbs SR8 applications. The TIA is designed for wire bonding to 250um pitch PD’s. The TIA offers low input referred noise and good output return loss for interfacing to the DSP. It can handle a wide range of input optical power and offers AGC functionality to keep the TIA output constant with varying input power.

For more information, please visit us at Hall 5 of 2022 CIOE (Shenzhen) - InSiGa Booth 5A61!

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